Unfortunately our Vietnamese range was only here for a limited time! Be sure to keep an eye out for more new flavour innovations on our News tab!

Vietnamese food is like no other – combining fresh ingredients bursting with colour and life, meats that have been seasoned with hints of chilli and coriander, spices that are blended to create harmonious tastes and sauces that are crafted to perfectly compliment every bite!

Our new range has been inspired by these very same exciting and fresh flavours and a single mouthful will transport you on a flavour-infused food adventure!

Like all our seriously tasty products, we’ve started at the heart of the meal, the snag, and crafted a new pork and chilli sausage. Our dedicated teams then combine this with crunchy Asian slaw, cucumber, spring onions, fresh coriander and mint, drizzle with Sriracha Mayo and Vietnamese Dressing then dust with crushed, roasted peanuts…