At Snag Stand, we want our stands to feel as inclusive as a neighbourhood barbie! Which is why we are proud to offer our amazing customers a vegetarian snag alternative to all our seriously tasty products!

After searching the globe for the best tasting vegetarian snags on offer, we found Field Roast Gourmet Meat Co. With shared values of artisan butchery and only the highest quality of ingredients, we knew their product would be a perfect match for our gourmet snag toppings.

So how exactly do you craft a vegetarian snag you ask?

By using a traditional, old-country sausage making process! Starting with a pure wheat protein grain, freshly chopped vegetables, liquids like rich red wine from a local winery, organic apple cider vinegar and finished with aromatic seasonings. Which leaves you with a flavoursome artisan vegan sausage!

We can modify any of our snag combinations for a seriously tasty vegetarian alternative

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