Although we’re 99% confident that the Queen isn’t tucking into a traditional British bangers and mash on her birthday, if the royal family had a Snag Stand in Buckingham Palace, it would be a different story.

Why you ask? Well having been inspired by the classic dish, we reinvented it, Snag Stand style, to create the best bloody bangers and mash you ever could have!

To begin, we replaced the usual sub-par sausage, with one of our signature wagyu beef snags that have been prepared by award winning artisan butchers. Inside a lightly toasted rustic roll we add a scoop of creamy butter and garlic potato mash and a generous serving of sautéed onions. Everything is then smothered in a silky herb gravy before being topped with crispy shallots and a sprinkle of fresh chives.

For the royal treatment, complete with a Bangers & Mash Roll that is fit for a king or queen, come visit your local Snag Stand. We promise you don’t even need to know the correct table etiquette for cutlery. In fact, we recommend using your hands… with a raised pinky finger of course! ;)

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