For years, the burger has tried to make it as an Aussie iconic, even getting an entire day dedicated to it.

Here at Snag Stand though, we know that the snag has a long history with Aussies and will forever be engraved in our traditions and hearts. However, we do recognise there’s a place for burgers in this world… and that’s when they’re made with a sausage patty of course! ;)

And on that note, let us excite your tastebuds with the introduction of the SnagBurger!

In case the name didn’t give it away, we’ve traded the standard burger patty with a sausage patty creating a product that looks like a burger but tastes like a snag.

Our expert team have worked with our fifth generation artisan butchers to create a mouth-watering sausage patty, combining wagyu beef and the distinct flavour of red wine & black pepper.

The burger consists of all the usual suspects, all to the same high quality you’ve come to expect from Snag Stand. We start with tomato relish and sautéed onions on a lightly-toasted bread roll, layer with a flame-grilled snag patty and crumbled feta, top with streaky bacon, fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, and then finish with mayonnaise. Ready to be delivered to the belly of another happy customer.

It really is the best of both worlds!

This delicious masterpiece is exclusively available on the menu at Snag Stand Sunshine Plaza and Pacific Fair, but will be making its way to Woden, Queens Plaza and Macquarie Centre for TWO WEEKS ONLY*.

The only place to get your hands around this seriously tasty snag-ovation is your local Snag Stand and consider this your personal invitation to try one today!

We know you’ll LOVE it, but let us know anyway – and hey, you never know it might make a permanent come back.

*SnagBurger is a permanent menu item at Snag Stand Sunshine Plaza and Pacific Fair. It will be available at Woden, Queens Plaza and Macquarie from Monday 15th May – Sunday 28th May.