Don’t get us wrong, we love Australia (hello, we sell snags?!?) but, like the majority of Australians we love any excuse to party, so today we’re celebrating the American Independence Day, 4th July! However, there’s no #squadgoals, yachts or A-list celebrity parties here – we’re all about the food, or more specifically the one and only, Chicago Dog!

Those that have been, would agree that there is nothing quite like the experience of battling the crowds of Chicago to stand in queue just to get a Chicago Dog from a street vendor. However, if your travels don’t take you to Chicago very often, you can find yourself an authentic Chicago Dog at your local Snag Stand!

Like all our products, we’ve scoured the world searching for the highest quality ingredients, and the Chicago Dog is no different – this ain’t no shady food cart!

Instead, we start with a natural, wood-smoked, hand-crafted frankfurter inside a locally baked, fresh bread roll. This is then topped with American Mustard (believe it or not, our head foodie has perfected the sauce ratio for each product – 8 zigzags to be precise).

Next is a tangy gherkin relish, diced onions and tomato salsa to freshen it up. Of course, we couldn’t have a Chicago Dog without sport peppers – they might be small but they pack a punch from the seasoning in the brine!

If you couldn’t already tell, we take flavour profiles very seriously, so when we heard that the McClure brothers make the best gherkins in the world, we had to have them on our menu. So, you guessed it, every Chicago Dog features McClure’s garlic dill pickles.

Last, but definitely not least, it’s sprinkled with celery salt to enhance the flavour profile and ensure it’s the best bloody Chicago Dog you’ve ever had (anywhere in the world)!

So save yourself the trip to Chicago, you can’t really get better than Australian sandy beaches, outback adventures or the bustling city life anyway and get the American experience with a seriously tasty Chicago Dog at Snag Stand.

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